Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Studio Raisin'

We had a good ol' fashion studio raising a few weeks ago.  Check these way cool pictures out!  We had our wonderful friends help us out - it was AMAZING!  We started around 7:30 am and had it up and socializing by 4:00 pm. 
The studio is a"T" style steel arch building.  The metal arch rest on 4" x 4" square steel poles. 
Hunter and Bob setting the first section of the arch up.  One down 19 more to go.

Dee, Gary, Max and Bill are setting the bottom section and holding the previous in place.
Here is a cool video of the guys screwing up the nuts and bolts.  They were really working as a team here!

The bottom section is bolted to a plate that is bolted to the slab.

Matt, Peter, Bob and Max are putting the building up!


Billy Ray and Diana are putting together the sections that rest on the poles. 

Look at these freakin' fantastic people! 

Ty and Bill were inside the arch holding the bolt while Bob and Matt were tightening up the screws on top of the building.  Those guys had a ladder on top of the scaffolding - scary!

Here is a great shot of the arch setting on the square poles.
Everybody brought their power tools.  I couldn't even imagine if these tools didn't exist.  I don't think we would have anymore friends!

They are on a roll.

This is a cool shot. I heard someone say that it looked like a wave coming up out of the ground.   

Jim Bob followed behind the arch raising and welded on brackets to the poles that were bolted onto the arch. 

A group of folks put together the sections before they were raised.  There was a ton of bolts!  It was crazy.

Peter was getting ready to hoist that piece up. 
Here they are lifting the last piece of the arch up! 

Jim bob was welding those brackets up.  This was actually the last bracket on the building - a very momentous occasion!

Group photo! Across the front is Matt, Ty and Melissa and standing is me, Grant, Peter, Billy Ray, Ryan, Diana, Gery, Christinia, Bill, Dee, Bob, Mary, Max, Bob, Jim Bob and Hunter.  These are the coolest folks on the planet - officially.  They showed up and worked their tails off!  Jim Bob and I are so appreciative of everyone.  We would still be there tightening up those little freakin' bolts! 
Way cool photo but it is missing the super cool Melissa (she was the photographer). 
Thanks to Melissa and Gery for letting us use their photos on the blog!  Much appreciated!

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  1. Absolutely fantastical! Such nice friends. I'm happy for the Salazar family :o)