Sunday, March 27, 2011

Power Up

We have electricity at the property!  We are super excited that getting power to the place worked out so nicely.  Our neighbor turned out to be very neighborly and allowed us to hook on to her pole - she saved us a LOT of money!  If you know Mrs. Klapuch, tell her Jim Bob and Candice say "thank you!!!" and give her a big hug.  GVEC is our electric company and they are were FANTASTIC to work with.  Roy Johnson in particular was very professional and knowledgeable.  They were always on time, answering all of our questions and returned every phone call (and I had plenty!).  We lucked out and only had a tree to trim and a two trees to completely come down.  Once we live out there permanently, we will plant many, many trees to replace the ones that were sacrificed.

The bus is still chugging along.  We have ordered a heater, a water heater and looking at appliances.  The windows are completely finished and next is the water lines and electricity.  JB has two more pottery shows coming up - so I am not sure when that will happen.  Hopefully soon!

Here are some pictures of the pole that GVEC put up on the property.  It looks good as far as electricity poles go.  We will eventually have either a wind turbine or solar panels hooked up to the grid to compensate for some of that electricity we will be using to fire those kilns.

How often do you see 00000?


  1. Congratulations!!! That's BIG!


  2. thanks feels BIG! now it's for real and we are officially in over our heads. but, now we can plug in the AC and keep our cool. thanks for the support, JB

  3. Jim Bob & Candice! So happy I stumbled upon your blog. Friends of the Bucks and my husband and I are thinking about selling our 18' airstream trailer to upgrade to a "skoolie!" ;) good to know there are good people closeby in similar living situations to bounce ideas off of if needed. Looking forward to seeing more of the progress. All the best! -Ashlee

    1. hey ashlee, you know the bucks....they are some of our favorite friends in the whole wide world...super folks!!! we would be glad to talk bus with you anytime...just give a call or stop by and we will give you the grand tour. this is our second bus and we really miss the first one but it went to a good guy. we learned a lot in that first build and we are using all that info to make the second a little more livable. we have this one set up pretty nice & comfortable but after we get in it we will tune things to our needs. so, you are selling the much?...we need a "spare room" on the property for visitors. have a great day and hope to meet you sometime soon. jim bob & candice

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