Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kitchen and Appliances

We bought full size appliances for the bus.  We thought even though we are short on space, we are still a family of four that needs full size appliances and not dinky little things that can only hold a gallon of milk and nothing else.  Jim Bob and Hunter picked each appliance up and shoved it through the back door.  So here they sit until we had the rest of the bus finished.  Sears had a Kenmore sale one weekend - so that is what we bought.  Kenmore fridge, stove and front loading washing machine.

Finally the Ikea kitchen cabinets found their home!  Jim Bob is leveling them all up.  This is the kitchen sink side.

Counter tops!  We used stacked 3/4" MDF (medium density fiberboard) for the counter tops. To get them all nice and shiny, Jim Bob polyurethaned the heck out of them.  I'm talking like 12 coats or something.  Alright, not 12 coats more like four.  It just seemed like 12.   

The kitchen sink (we bought off of EBay) came with a template to cut the hole with. 

Look at that reflection in the counter top - we can almost see ourselves!
The cool thing about the counter tops is that they are a bit deeper because of that metal lip that the seats used to sit on.  It is only 1 3/8" but that makes a big difference when you have your soap dish and sponges sitting up there. 

Jim Bob is installing drawers and making sure they open and close properly. 

Here it is!  Dry run of the kitchen - pretty exciting!

The kitchen sink still needs some plumbing in this photo but I was so excited to see our faucet that I had to take the picture.  We bought the Moen faucet at Home Depot - LOVE IT!

The sink sits PERFECT in the hole.  Isn't the shape cool?   I am fan. 

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