Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Two pantries are being built to go over the wheel wells and will also define the bathroom/bedroom area - I guess we should have a bit of privacy for our daily dooties.

Of course, Jim Bob couldn't just build a shelf that goes straight across.  Oh no, it has to be a tight fitting, follow the curve of the bus, holy crap we need to move in NOW pantry.  The pantry was close to being the last thing on the list that was built.  We needed to be out of the house in two or so days and Jim Bob is calmly cutting cardboard.  He is something else!

He used the refrigerator box to make a template for the MDF wall.  He used tiny tabs and tape to move the tab up to the curve of the bus and taped them to the template.  Then he took the template to the MDF and followed the lines of the tabs and then cut it out of the MDF.  Sounds easy right?  Pah!

Jim Bob is making the tabs.

Alright, so you thought he would use the same template for all four sides of the two pantries, right? Wrong. He made four different templates for the four pantry walls. Here is template #2.

Here is the finished MDF board cut to precise measurement.  Isn't it beautiful.  He is such a bad ass.

One side down!  He made sure that it would fit our dirty cloths basket.  It was easier to build the pantry to fit the basket instead of finding a basket that would fit our pantry.

I got my paint on! Now I know I didn't see the vision in the pantries that he did but once they were all built and finished, these pantries make our little bus. They are way cool, perfect size and perfectly built! Nice job, Jim Bob!

This shot is taken from the back of the bus looking towards the front.  The right side is the bathtub side and the left side is the water line for the toilet. 

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