Friday, May 18, 2012

Ta da!

As we move more and more stuff into those sea containers, they are getting more and more disorganized.  On one of our trips Jim Bob and Grant built some fabulous shelves that will withstand a hurricane (typical JB fashion).  Now we have a place to put our stuff instead of piling it up on the floor.  The building of the shelves marked a momentus occasion:  the first usage of wattage.  Of course, I took some pictures. 

Ta da! Jim Bob successfully installed the circuit breaker and an electric outlet to run some power tools. 

Here are our hefty shelves.  They fit all the way in the back and go floor to ceiling.  Very nice indeed.

So this is how much power you use when running a chop saw to build two sets of shelves.  Not much, I know.  The electric company didn't even charge us.

Sharing a cold beverage after a nice long day of hard work.  Cheers.

Ford 2600

We also bought a tractor a few months ago.  How cool is that?  One of our friends found a great deal for us and hooked us up with a 1979 Ford 2600 38HP with a shredder on the back.  Jim Bob jumped on that bad boy and took it for a spin.  It wasn't quite as fast as his Harley but it looked like he was having a good time!  With all the rain they are having in central Texas, we are going to be using that shredder real soon!

Our friend, Grant, giving JB a little lesson before he plows down Grant's field.

There he goes!

On this same trip, we moved the play house to the property.  JB joked that he should put his pottery wheel in there and call it a studio!  He is so funny.


Holy cow!  I can not believe it has been a year since I have posted on this blog!  Goodness, how much has changed.  We sold our house - that is the biggie.  And now we are rapidly working on the bus to finish it out.  We sold the house about two months ago but had art shows, exhibitions and various engagements that has kept us from working on the bus until now.  SO, these last few weeks and the next two weeks have been and are going to be INSANE.  Throughout the year we have been hauling our stuff to the property and storing it all in the sea containers.  That was such a smart move because now we are not freaking out thinking about all the stuff we still have to move.  Most of the closets are empty, the kitchen has been cleaned out, drawers of clothes given away, furniture sold and the art collection packed up and sitting in Gonzales.  I think we feel pretty good about where we are in the move.  We are freaking out a tad but just the usual worries.  So I am going to post our progress on the bus over the past two weeks.  We might be editing some of these posts as we finish things out.  Oh!  And now we have 4 people living in the bus instead of the three - little Zeb will be a year old next month!

Here is our realtor, Michelle, from Moutain View Properties putting the sold sign up in our yard.  They are AWESOME, hardworking ladies who know their business.  If you are looking for a house in the Big Bend region to buy or sell, check them out!  Highly recommended.