About Us

In our school bus - 2013

Working on the property - 2010

Family portrait - 2010

  We are Jim Bob, Candice, Lena Marie and Zeb Salazar. We decided to start a blog to document the process of converting a school bus into a house. We are looking to live a simpler life. You know -stickin' it to the man and getting off the bureaucratic treadmill. We have a dream of owning some land, building a studio next to the house with a barn out back and some chickens running around and a huge garden full of fresh veggies and fruit trees blooming in the front yard...sounds fantastic doesn't it? Well, we bought a big yellow school bus to convert into a house and live in to make this dream a reality. We finally found some land in Gonzales County and currently in the process of purchasing it. We are SUPER excited about that! We plan on moving into the bus, selling our house (SCARY! I know...) and save some money by not having the cost of a house and then moving the bus out to the property and building, well, our dream! Jim Bob is an awesome potter (check him out: http://jimbobsalazar.blogspot.com/) and wants to make a living making and selling (hopefully LOTS) of pottery. I would LOVE to homeschool our kiddos and have a little farm - goats, chickens, gardens and learn how to raise our own meat and veggies.  So, this blog is going to follow our little adventure from normal folks in a small town living in a normal house to weird-hippy folks living off a county road in a yellow school bus. Wish us luck!