Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here we are!

Boy, have we spread out nicely!  We span from the garden on the left to the bus to the trampoline over to the studio.  I love how green it is right now.

This picture was taken right when we trenched electricity over to the bus' final resting place.   It looks so desolate!  No worries, within days the place looked nice and homey. 

The grass grew in!  That looks much better.

The kids were helping us plant jasmine around the outdoor shower.

Our super fun outdoor bathroom.  The sink came from our friends, Dee and Terry Buck.  They were so kind to gift us this fabulous sink - we LOVE it!  Thank you!

The kiddos moved in nicely too!

Here is the studio.  We still have some porches to build, some insulation to hang, some walls to cover with plywood and a bit of electrical to finish BUT it is does have windows, doors, walls, electricity, internet and cool folks inside workin'!

Check out my table!  Holy cow - it is so much better than the dashboard of a school bus!

Jim Bob's spread!

Pots! Pots! Pots! Want a flower pot?  We can hook you up.

Jim Bob's kilns are firing.  Hallelujah!

The kids always need a space of their own.

The garden is blooming.  Check out my squash.  If anyone wants some fresh veggies, come on by!

We bought 8 Kraienkoppe baby chicks.  Lena Marie loves them. 

Sweet, old Madame.  She is 14 this year.  She is getting used to this country life one day at a time.

We adopted two Great Pyrenees brothers from the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.  Fabulous organization.  The dogs are so freakin' great.  They keep our place safe at night from coyotes and all those other pesky animals.  They are such relaxed breed (quite opposite of Madame) and wonderful with the kiddos too.

Briggs, the social butterfly.

Ted, the quiet and mysterious one.

We bought some guineas for pest control.  They are the wackiest birds.

Aw, Phin.  He might be the coolest cat ever.  He is one feisty guy!  His evening (well, all day) entertainment is to chase our guineas.  I think he thinks he owns the place.  There isn't much you can do around here without Phin approval.  He even gets after our big white dogs!  Look out!  Cheryl Frances and John were so kind to let Phin come and live with us!  Thank you guys!

We have two top bar beehives.  We bought two 3lb packages of Italian honeybees.  I had quite the time with them starting out - both queens died.  Long story short - we still have two hives.  The colonies are much smaller now but we are still buzzing!
The box on top of the hive is what 3 lbs of honeybees look like.  This is what they are shipped in through the USPS.  

The hives are tucked under the trees.

This is the inside of the beehive.  The bees build their combs naturally off of the bars that we provided.

I am holding up a top bar that has a comb with honeybees all over it.  

This comb is full of honey!

That is the update!  Thank you Janet for being so patient and urging me to post some photos - much appreciated!  What's next you ask?  Goats.  That's right - in three weeks, two baby Nigerian Dwarf goats will be added to our circus.  Jim Bob is so excited!


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures! I've been wondering what you were up to. Did you get my phone message/emails? I thought you dropped off the face of the earth (just kidding). Things are looking good out there. You all look so happy :o) I love the outdoor bathroom and all the critters. The studio is amazing too. Not too bad a job for city folks.

  2. bravo, awesome job guys. I to have lived in a school bus with my wife and kids for years. we stayed at campgrounds to save up the money to buy our land, a 2 and a half acre heavily forested ridge. we put in roads,power and internet. were currently working on a septic system and rural water which we haul ourselves now. I built a cedar showerhouse and an outbuilding with wood I cut from this land. It sure is nice to see others doing prettymuch what we are doing. would love to show you pics, my email is