The Land

We officially own 16.06 acres in Gonzales County. We closed on the property on July 23rd. (Our friends, Chris and Leigh Ann, also closed on their house the same day! Congrats to the Hart Family!) We thought it was going to be 15 acres but it turned out to be a little more than what we expected. But that is fine with us! We would rather have a little more than a little less. After we closed, we drove to the property to check it out. It was a bit overgrown and needed some TLC, which we were more than willing to give. It was bigger than what we remembered. It's funny how you see something one time and think about it for months and think you know what it looks like but when you see it again - it is completely different than what you remember. That's what it was like for us but in a good way. This was actually the first time we drove around the whole piece of property. It was great - the view was beautiful, the breeze was nice and the spiders were CRAZY.

We have lots of big Live Oak trees on the property.

View from the road looking up the hill.

Nice little shaded area...perfect spot for a house.

View from the hill looking North.

There is a gate in there somewhere!  My family helped us cut down 7 ft tall weeds.  Only family would help clear brush on a 100 degree day.  That is my dad with the weed eater on steroids, Amy, my sister-in-law, with her lucky machete, Tom, my brother, with the weed eater, and Jim Bob with a crazy sword thing.  They cut through those weeds like maniacs!  Thanks so much guys - you all are awesome!

There is the gate! 

Tom was ready for any weed that came his way.  Look out weeds.

Here is a hard working family. 

We have these spiders all over the property.  This guy was the size of the palm of my hand.  Yikes.  We looked it up, she is called a Garden Spider, more specifically an Argiope.  They are supposed to be very beneficial, eating all kinds of pesky bugs and insects.  As long as they don't eat us, I'm fine.