Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet Dreams

The best part of the bus:  we are upsizing to a king size bed.  Hells yes.  That queen size bed was way too small for us and none of us slept well.  So we are making a king size bed fit into our tiny little space.  Here is Jim Bob building the bed at around midnight or so...

The mattress will sit on this platform about 36" high.  Underneath the bed will be our "classroom" area.  All of the kids' furniture, toys, books and our clothes.  We were worried about how much headroom that would leave us but it turned out fine!

The book cases we had in the house are 36" high and 16" wide.  Jim Bob built the bed frame around the bookcases.   

We bought the mattress from Ikea.  We lucked out that it came all rolled up because we were sweating a king size mattress fitting through the door.


We are all moved in!  Well, almost.

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