Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sewer Lines

This is the toilet flange.  The future home of the throne.

To the right of the toilet hole is the drain and vent for the washing machine.  Apparantly, washing machines need to breathe also.  Who knew?

Ta-da!  It isn't totally set up in this picture but it is sitting in the right spot waiting for some bolts.

This hole in the floor is for the sink drain.  Probably 2 1/8" or so...the PVC pipe is  1 1/2 ID".  It was sort of scary seeing all these holes in the floor! 

All the plumbing all over the cabinets.  That hole is behind those cabinets.

Here is where the real fun begins.  This is all dry fitted first - just making sure that is all fits.  We don't want any surprises when it comes to the sewer lines.

This is the drain from the kitchen sink heading towards the trunk line.

Interior of the bus when all the plumbing was going on.  You can see the appliances in the back of the bus in this photo.

Jim Bob used cardboard to cushion the chicken poo covered ground.  Yummy.

The black tip line is the bathtub drain.  It meets with the kitchen sink line and then heads over to the trunk line.

The kitchen sink line rolling down the line.  All in all the sewer lines to about two days.  One day to dry fit and one day to glue it all together. 

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