On July 18, 2015 the family traveled to Kerrville, Texas to attend the HLRS Angora Goat Auction.  Not knowing much about an auction or what we were really looking at, Jim Bob and I gained enough courage to bid on 3 angora does and 1 angora buck.  Yikes!  We were officially in the mohair business.

Now, we already have 11 Nigerian Dwarf goats, which, honestly, I wasn't doing much with.  They are dairy goats but our schedule doesn't lend itself to dairy goats.  Now they are just really cute pets.  (Don't tell Jim Bob I said that.)  I love them and can't imagine our farm without goats.  They are definitely a part of our family.

That is Jim Bob (red shirt) and me (next to him) taking it all in at the goat auction!

We loaded the goats up in the back of the truck.  I say "we" like I did any of it...I should say that the guys at the auction loaded the goats up in the back of the truck and then we were off!  Headed home!  How were we going to get these (especially the big buck) out of the back of the truck?  Good question.  I had no idea.

This is Mo, the Angora buck and our angora herd sire, in the back of the truck. 

After some wrangling, we basically pulled them out of the truck by their horns.  I thought I could just talk to them sweetly and they would jump out and let me rub on their heads but that didn't happen.  They were totally freaked and VERY cautious.  Plus, at that time, they couldn't see a darn thing because of their crazy, beautiful long locks.  I would be scared if I couldn't see anything!

Mo was interested in the electric fence.  
He was zapped one time.  Now he completely respects it.   I love smart goats!  

After a day or so, Mo would let me love on him!  I was very excited!

Lena Marie rubbing on Mo's nose.  Mo was very interested but she was really intimidated by those HUGE horns!

One of the does.  I just love this picture.

Look at those locks!  They are so beautiful!

So after some time of getting to know the Angora goats, I am a fan.  Surprise, right?  They are super, super sweet.  Mo is not aggressive at all.  In fact, he LOVES a good scratch.  Now, I know when he is in rut that might not be the case but right now he is a snuggle bunny.  He is wonderful with kids too (human kids).

One out of three girls is super sweet.  The other two are still getting to know us.  They seem a little nervous but they are slowly coming around.   The one angora goat, Nosey, is all about hanging with us.  She is in to everything! (note her name...Nosey!)    We also have Nigerian Dwarf goats.  I think I have posted pictures before of the Nigerians.  I love those goats too.  They are wonderful.  Here are some pictures of the girls...

This is Holly.  My fave.  She is the queen goat of all goats, like ever.  
She is my buddy.

This is Spot, Holly's boy.  We will be selling this sweet boy soon!  Jim Bob says I can't keep them all but I kind of disagree. 
This is Nosey.

This is Andy.  She has the prettiest blue eyes!

There are goats in there somewhere!

Goats would rather look up to eat than look down.

Brooklyn is my side kick.  Jim Bob calls her worthless but I couldn't disagree more.  Who would I trip over if she wasn't around?  Who would chase the chickens and harass the cat?   (She is 50% Great Pyrenees 50% Blue Heeler....100% awesome.) 
They realized that I was walking away and came running!

Here is part of the bunch!

Here are some pictures from over the years of the Nigerian Dwarf goats:

That Holly.  I swear she thinks she is human.

This is one of my faves, Mary.  She has triplets often!

Our wether goat, Max.

This is sweet Andy when she was a kid.

Rosie Posie!

This is King, our Nigerian herd sire.  
Now he is a full grown, rutty, stinky man of a goat!

Holly looks sick or something but she isn't!  She came into the studio and decided to lay on the dog's blanket.  The dog was not very excited about this.  

I, of course, have lots more photos but I will spare you!  Lol!  I do want to add some photos of Mo and King.  I will do that soon.