Monday, August 9, 2010

Still working...

We are still here!  We are still working on the polyurethane floors.  It is a super slow process.  We've busy been sanding, wiping, coating and then drying for some days.  In between that, we have been busy with a garage sale (first of many), construction on our house and a vacation.  Jim Bob is starting back in the studio to produce work for the big show in October, The Texas Clay Festival.  That means that the bus will take the back burner until November.  I'm sure there will be intermittent work between now and then but probably nothing drastic.  We did buy our kitchen cabinets at Ikea while we were in Round Rock.   The cabinets are in boxes in our kitchen.  I should take a picture of that.  It will probably take us until November to put all those freakin' cabinets together!  Got to love Ikea! Jim Bob wanted me to give a "shout out" to Rachael at Ikea.  She really knows her Ikea kitchen software.  She got us hooked up and squared away, super patient and easy to work with.  Highly recommended! Thanks Rachael!

Jim Bob is still applying poly to the floors.  Today, he got up early and applied the third coat.  It's looking great.

This time around, Jim Bob thought he would try out a new applicator.  He said it worked much better than the sponge business.  It seemed like it went a lot faster.

You can see that line between the 3rd and 2nd coat of polyurethane.  The grain is really looking nice.  I think we have 2 more to go.   

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