Sunday, June 10, 2012

Water Lines

So all of the water lines are 1/2" PEX tubing.  Jim Bob bought it off of EBay in a ginormous roll along with all of the crimp rings and most of the brass fittings.  The crimping tool was borrowed from a brother from a different mother, Hunter.

Here is the crimping tool in action.  You have to put these little crimp rings on each joint and squeeze them shut and it makes a leak proof connection.  Super cool stuff.  Plus - it doesn't bust wide open like copper tubing when it freezes (we learned that mistake from the previous bus when we had 15 holes from frozen water in our copper water lines - crazy business!)  Although Jim Bob is a huge fan of sweating pipe, we went with the easy, flexible PEX tubing. 

The red tool is the cutter, the blue is the tubing and purple are the 90 degree corners.  PEX is flexible but to make it nice, clean and no crimping where it is not needed they make these nifty corner things.

When he was running the water lines there were these little packages everywhere of brass connectors, toppers, unders and everything all looked the same to me but Jim Bob had the know how. 

We have water on both sides of the bus.  This side has the kitchen sink and shower and the other side has the washing machine and toilet. 

All the water lines do have a slant towards the drain in case of a hard freeze (another lesson we learned from previous bus.)  The slant will allow the water to drain out of the lines and not sit and freeze.  The hole in the floor is for the bathtub.

Hot and cold water lines on each side of the bus too.  You can see the little black crimper thing and then the brass connector here. 

Washing machine hook up.

The PVC line is the drainage for the washer.  It also has a T in it to allow some venting for the washing machine.  The T runs out the side of the bus. 

The blue lines are hot and cold water for the washing machine.  It T's off to the left for the toilet and the continues on to the right for the ice maker.

Here is a nice shot of the 90 degree things in action.  It also shows the PVC protector tubes that Jim Bob put in to protect the PEX from the metal floor.  We didn't want the metal layer to cut the PEX tubing up.  Great idea Salazar!  So smart.

This is what we saw for days and days and days while he was working on all the lines!  Lena Marie would go outside and stand at his feet and talk and talk.  It was sort of like confession in a weird way...

The boiler valve.  Water comes in and we get clean clothes, clean hinies and yummy water to drink!  Life is grand.

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