Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So, our bus leaks like a sieve.  All the gaskets are just worn out and letting water in.  We found this out because we had a ton of rain in West Texas lately. Today, Jim Bob worked on waterproofing the bus.  The cool marker, blinking lights are gone.  They were super old and creating damage to the body of the bus by leaking lots of water.  In order to combat that problem, Jim Bob made some more nifty metal covers to go over the light holes, which means we had to remove the cool lights.  Darn!  They were fun!  I thought for sure that Jim Bob would want to use them in some funky art project but I think he was happy to see them go.  The one time that I wouldn't mind some crazy thing hanging around the house...I see it in the trash.  Figures.  Oh well!  We are moving into a bus and can't keep clutter around anymore (this is my new mantra).

The bus is insulated.  We are going to have to remove the insulation because it was mildewed pretty bad because of the leaking.  Jim Bob posted a request for insulation on Alpine's Free Cycle website; sure enough if he didn't get a phone call telling him that someone had some insulation to give.  I love Alpine.  The folks here are the best in the world.  This picture also shows some pretty bad dents. 

Jim Bob pounded those dents out with a planishing hammer and dollie. He couldn't even screw the plates to the body without some metal work.

Front of the bus with no insulation.

He cut 24 gauge galvanized metal for the covers and filed off the metal burs.   He siliconed around the edges to make sure they were waterproof and screwed them to the bus.  No more blinking lights (sigh) but most importantly, no more leaks!  We wouldn't want to damage those new floors!

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