Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birch Plywood In!

We finished laying the birch plywood yesterday.  It was a bigger, more stressful job than what we were both anticipating.  I remember the other bus floor going so much smoother but Jim Bob and I figured it was because the plywood we were laying was just 1/2" and flexed much easier.  That 1/4" difference resulted in a much smoother install.  Now we know. When we convert bus #3, we might do things different.  Tomorrow we are going to sand and finish off the floors.  Well, the first step in finishing the floors.  Polyurethane is so not one step. 

It feels so much better with out the rusty floor.  Lena Marie loves how smooth the floor is...she gets good speed.

Jim Bob had to use a template to cut the front step shape.  You can see the layer of foam board and then plywood on top.  We will put metal trim around the step to clean it up a bit.  We will drill the holes for the driver's seat after the polyurethane goes down.  Pity to drill holes in a new floor but we do need to drive it!  I like my hand shadow...I wasn't trying to make anything particular but it is fun...

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