Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where's the driver?

While I was scrubbing away twenty years of dirt, Jim Bob undertook the not-so-fun job of removing the driver's seat. We waited to take this out because we had to remove the air line and some electrical wires that were connected to the seat which would be, well, just a pain in the rear. But, once again, JB crawled under the bus and removed the nuts from the bolts that were holding the seat in place. Inside, he disconnected wires and taped them off and then man-handled that seat right out of the bus! Once the seat was out, it really opened that space up! We gained 4 more square feet (every bit helps!). The seat is now living on some plywood outside the bus. We are keeping it because we will have to put it back in when we drive the bus to another location. Although, it would be fun just to pull up the lazy boy to the steering wheel and cruise around in comfort. So why take it out you ask? Well, we removed it because: 1. Installing the floor will be so much easier and 2. We want that extra space when the bus is parked. So when we take it back out we don't want a dirty black square on the floor. We will just drill holes in the new floor to put the seat back in.  Next is paint!

Ripping the seat out.

Where does the driver sit?

The seats temporary new home.

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