Sunday, August 1, 2010

The floors are washed in green!

We made it back in town after being away on a week long vacation.  Now it is back to work.  Before we left, we were able to get the floor "washed" and the first coat of polyurethane down.  It looks great.  Each coat of poly that goes down will make the floor look even better.
The floor was sanded down and wiped clean.

We watered down latex paint in a bucket and used a rag to "wash" the floor.  Then we used a clean rag to wipe away the extra watered-down-paint.

The paint was pretty runny and didn't take much to stain the floor.

Jim Bob had to be pretty careful not to overlap or drip the paint.  We didn't want it to turn out spotty or darker in some areas.

Finished wash floor with no polyurethane.  You can see the wipe marks at this stage but that will go away after the sanding and polyurethane.

Closer look at the floor.  After the paint dries, we will sand it down to get rid of any raised surface area.  That will allow some more grain to show through the paint.  We will be sanding between each coat of poly too.

Our dang cat!  She jumped right in the bus and walked all over the place! I threatened her life but she didn't care.  I guess she was just checking it out.  It would be fun to have little cat paw prints on the floor!

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