Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adventure of the Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow School Bus

That yellow school bus is no longer yellow inside!  We painted it a nice blue, green and orange.  Jim Bob was worried that it would be too busy but I think it looks fantastic!  What do you think?  I think the sky blue really opens up the space.  (Jim Bob is laughing at me right now.)  The task was simple but daunting.  The ceiling took 2 coats, the green sides took 2 coats and the orange around the bottom took 3 coats.  We still have some cutting in to do but nothing crazy.  It sure feels good to have that done.  It took us about 4 days to finish.  We used XO-Rust oil-based enamel (the True Value equivalent of Rustoleum) and, of course, drying time was insane.   All is done and now it is time for a floor.  Check out the finished product:

We had to make some metal plates to cover interior lights and speaker holes. 

Interior before paint.  You can see in this picture that there were several of those metal covers.  We primed the galvanized metal to help the paint to stick.

Inside of the bus before paint.

The tedious job of cutting in.  Nice job Jim Bob!

We had an afternoon visitor in the bus today.  Pretty little butterfly wanted to help us paint.

Here it is!  Interior of the bus painted (except a few spots I have to touch up and cut in.)

Jim Bob sweeping the floor.  We are getting it ready for some flooring!

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