Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nasty Floor is History

That nasty black floor that haunts every school bus is no longer in ours! Thankfully the floor came out willingly and without the use of rented tools and additional man power. All it took was your ordinary shovel and some elbow grease. It seems that this particular school bus did not have a plywood sub-floor that some other school buses sport. It had that rubber black floor stuck right to the metal flooring with some sort of glue. Over the years, the water made its way between the black flooring and the metal dissolving the glue and wa-la! off pops the nasty floor! I guess there are some benefits to buying an OLD school bus. What is underneath that nasty mess? Well, now we are looking at a rusty, old metal floor waiting for a good cleaning, insulation and a sub-floor. Along with taking the floor out, we had to remove the auxillary heater and the heater lines that contained the antifreeze. Sounds pretty straight forward but by watching Jim Bob take this stuff out - not so simple. The heater plus the heater lines contained about 4 gallons of anti-freeze! We are disposing it at a mechanic' s shop in here town - they said they would take it. It was kind of difficult finding a place that would take that toxic stuff too. So now we have the floor, the heater and 45 ft. worth of heater lines out of our future home. Moving on.

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