Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yesterday we did the nasty job of pulling all the seats out of the bus. I think this is the worst part of the whole process. (This is actually our second school bus to renovate.) The first time we pulled the seats out of a bus, one of us was under the bus holding onto the bolt with a wrench and the other was inside the bus unscrewing the bolt from the floor. Major pain and super time consuming. This time we have moved up in the world (just a little bit) and used an air wrench. I say "we" when actually I didn't do any of the work. Our friend, Hunter, came over (thank you Hunter!) and was kind of enough to unscrew all the bolts from the floor using the air wrench while Jim Bob was under the bus (along with a whole bunch of chicken poo I'm told) holding the nut so the bolts would come out of the floor. Last time, it took us days to get the job done. This time around, we had all the seats out that evening. It was soooo much smoother! What do you do with 26 bus seats, you ask? Hopefully, we can sell them to the school district here in town. If not, we will put them on the Tradin' Post or the Brewster Free Cycle. We would like to sell them for $10 a piece and maybe buy an appliance with the money. Once all the seats were out of the bus, we were left looking at a lot of trash. The usual: candy wrappers, plastic toys, and lollipop sticks. But this time Jim Bob found a little stash of hash on the floor! I thought it was pretty darn funny that some kid was hiding his pot on the school bus!

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  1. Susan/ClayChisholmJuly 19, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    This is so interesting. I'm glad you're chronicling this adventure. It does look like back-breaking work though. I can't wait to see more. If you ever need a babysitter during some particularly hard parts, you know our number. Or if you need a babysitter while you go out as a couple, you know our number. In case you don't have our number, it's 386-6112 (Susan) or 386-6100 (Clay).
    Susan and Clay Chisholm