Saturday, June 9, 2012


Alright, we are set up with 50 amp service.  The bus is divided into four quardrants - a breaker for each.  Plus, a designated breaker for the two air conditioners.  I think we have 18 or so plugs in the bus.  Now that we are living in it...we could have had some more maybe... 
All of the electrical lines are exposed Liquitight conduit.  It is basically flexible conduit that glues together like PVC.  Jim Bob was a fan.  Although when we built the other bus, we had such a romantic time bending all of that metal conduit together...sigh...   

The left plug is a twist lock plug that twists into the gray box on the outside of the bus.  The right plug is the 50 amp plug that has two hots, a nuetral and a ground.   That is for all you electricians out there.

This is the 50 amp twist lock electrical box that provides the bus with electricity.  Jim Bob is an Ebay FREAK.  He found most of the boxes, switches, conduit, PEX on Ebay. 

This shot is underneath the bus taking a picture of the electrical coming in and running into the breaker box. 

This shows one of the many holes we had to drill in the floor to bring the electric lines inside.  It is kind of scary to see these holes randomly drilled into the floor (I say randomly but JB new EXACTLY were they were going and how far it was going to take to get there!)  It is all about trust baby.

Here is an upclose and personal shot of our inner workings.  This is the breaker box.  As you can see we have 5 breakers - four quardrants and the ACs. 

All closed in and nice and tidy.

We put the breaker box inside the battery box of the bus.  You can sort of see on the right side of this picture where the electrical box is mounted in relation to the breaker box.  Fun stuff!

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