Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gas Lines

The Gas Lines. We ran 1/2" black pipe for the gas manifold in the bus.

Here is the manifold under the bus.  The piece of 2x4's are bracers so the black pipe won't shift around during transportation and/or normal use.  The pipe running to the left goes to the hot water heater and the T running off to the right (that doesn't have a pipe on it in this photo) goes to the 100 lb propane cyliner. 

Closer view

We put a nice little 20,000 btu blue flame Kozy World heater in the bus to keep us warm on those cold winter days.  Hopefully we will have some in Gonzales.  We got the heater from this site:

Here is the heater attached to the wall and connected to the gas manifold. 
We designed the bus so that we would only have to run the gas to one central spot for the heater and for the stove/oven.  So the manifold comes up through the floor and goes left to the stove (which in this photo is not hooked up yet and right to the heater.)  Easy shmeasy.

So that sounded easy but the gas manifold also feeds our on demand hot water heater that is mounted to the outside of the bus.  Here is JB deep in thought...probably thinking "WTF? How did I get myself into this?" 
Here is the two stage pressure regulator.  It drops the propane pressure down to 11 pounds from a 100 pound cylinder. 

Here is our awesome little on demand hot water heater.  The brand name is Takagi T-KJR2-OS.  It has a little heater in it to keep it warm when it it is fine to mount outside.  It works really nicely and makes the water HOT fast...lovin' it.

This shows the gas line coming into the hot water heater from the gas manifold underneath the bus.  The valves that do not have lines hooked up are the water lines coming in cold and going out hot.

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