Friday, May 18, 2012

Ta da!

As we move more and more stuff into those sea containers, they are getting more and more disorganized.  On one of our trips Jim Bob and Grant built some fabulous shelves that will withstand a hurricane (typical JB fashion).  Now we have a place to put our stuff instead of piling it up on the floor.  The building of the shelves marked a momentus occasion:  the first usage of wattage.  Of course, I took some pictures. 

Ta da! Jim Bob successfully installed the circuit breaker and an electric outlet to run some power tools. 

Here are our hefty shelves.  They fit all the way in the back and go floor to ceiling.  Very nice indeed.

So this is how much power you use when running a chop saw to build two sets of shelves.  Not much, I know.  The electric company didn't even charge us.

Sharing a cold beverage after a nice long day of hard work.  Cheers.

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