Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sea Containers

As part of our transition from house to bus, we bought some sea containers for storage on the property.  We plan on bringing a truckload to the containers each time we are in the area.  We thought this would be easier than renting some crazy huge truck to move all of our stuff at once.  Plus, we will need some tools to build the studio and this is a nice safe place to keep them when not in use.  It is also helping us clean out our house and allow us to finish some remodeling that needs to be done before the house goes on the market.  (Yes, we are also remodeling our house!)  Here is a video of the sea containers being delivered to the property.  It was a pretty impressive trailer this guy had.  Notice how the axles move along the trailer.  I am not hip to trailer technology and thought it was pretty darn cool.  We bought the sea containers from a guy off of Austin's Craigslist and had them delivered.  Pretty simple process if you are in the market for some long term storage.  The video is almost 10 min long - enjoy! 

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