Monday, May 23, 2011

Studio Building

Now that we have our shipping containers on the property, we are bringing loads down everytime we are in the area.  This time Jim Bob and I brought down the metal building that will be the studio...eventually.  It was quite the chore.  We took each piece and washed it before bringing it to the property (since we do not have water there right now.)  It took FOREVER and I had one heck of a sunburn when it was all clean.  My wonderful father helped us unload it off the trailer in Gonzales - thanks Dad!

It  felt a lot bigger than the actual size of 20 x 40' when it was sprawled out across our backyard.

All stacked up waiting for a long ride to the property.

Hardworking men!

There it is...the future protector of our livelihood laying nice and clean in a cozy sea container waiting for us to put her together!  I can't wait to post that on the blog! 

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  1. OMG! It looks huge in your yard but pretty small in the container. You guys are making progress! Keep up the good work!