Monday, September 7, 2015

Naked Goats!

On July 23rd, we took our 4 sweet angora goats back to Speck Farms in Kerrville so we could have them sheared.  It was a fantastic experience.  The shearer, Keeno, has been shearing goats since he was 17.  He said that he would travel from ranch to ranch throughout Texas and Mexico helping his dad shear 1,000's of goats.  I'll tell you, he made it looks so effortless and easy.  I was SO impressed.  He was gentle with the animals and I only saw one tiny nick, after dozens and dozens of goats.  Truly a craft!
This is Mo.  He was so tame and chill.  He just laid there.  I asked Keeno if all of the goats were like this and he said, "No way!  I wish!"  Later, I saw goats trying to bite his pants!  It was pretty funny.

The mohair came off of Mo like butter.   I bet he felt SO good.

This was one of our girls.  I got a quick shot of before....

and then after.

They bagged all of our mohair up in separate bags so we can keep the fleeces separate from one another.  I have been washing the mohair and I started taking a spinning class through Hill Country Weavers in Austin.  I'm excited about it all!

But I do sell the mohair!  If you are interested, email me at

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