Monday, September 7, 2015

Angoras on the Farm!

We have recently, in July, added more goats to our herd!  I am very excited about having these Angora Goats from Speck Angoras.  We attended the HLRS annual auction and brought home 3 lovely ladies and one fabulous male.  Mo, the buck, is pictured above checking out Lena Marie.  He is such an awesome goat!  No aggression, easy going and ready for a head scratch anytime.  I'm really enjoying him.  You can spot Mo because of his horns.  They are growing like motorcycle handles.  

Here are our sweet goats checking out the new pasture.  When they arrived they were pretty spooked and couldn't see a darn thing because of their beautiful mohair locks hanging in their eyes.  I wanted to give them a trim so badly but they wouldn't let me get close.  

Here they all are!

They slowly warmed up to me but it took lots of treats and s-l-o-w movements.

One of the the girls...very majestic!

Yes, these are the SAME goats!  We took them back to Mr. Speck's and while he was having his 1500 goats sheared, we snuck our 4 in there too.  He was so very kind to let us do that or I'm not sure what I would have done.  Cutting them with a pair of scissors didn't sound so good.

Here is Mo!  He looks so naked!   

Interested in mohair or Mo's hair?  I sell it!  Contact me at and I will get'cha some.

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