Thursday, September 7, 2017

Jim Bob's Healing Fund

We never calculated cancer as part of our big adventure.  We calculated square footage of covers to collect enough rain water; we calculated the size of the studio to make the most pots efficiently; we planned the bus to maximize the small space for our family of four but never did I expect to have to plan for cancer treatments. But, alas, that is what we are now doing.

The love and support we have received is beyond words.  I don't know even know where to begin.  Our dear, dear potter friends have created a GoFundMe account on our behalf.  Let me tell you, it is really hard to be on the receiving end of something like this.  We are so very grateful and humbled by our community of friends and family.  Our deepest, deepest thank you to each and everyone.  As much as we would like to believe that we can do this alone, I'm wondering why we would even try.  Why do that when we can be surrounded with love, hugs and encouraging words from wonderful people like you.