Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Bus - A Year Later

I thought an update post for the interior of the bus would be fun.  Over the past year, we have changed a few things...

We took out the shelves and drawers for the art supplies and such and moved them into the studio.  We started homeschooling and found that we were using them in the studio "classroom" more than in the bus "classroom".  We cleaned out a basket and saved some art supplies for the spontaneous Saturday morning crafting time that Lena Marie is famous for! 

We were able to clean out a basket because we got a dresser!  Yay!  I say "we" because Lena Marie and Zeb quickly moved some of their clothes into the bottom drawer.  That's right - I still only have 3 drawers!  Lena Marie even put her name on the drawer!

We were able to get a dresser because we took out the flushing toilet.  We now use a compostable toilet in our outside bathroom.  Nothing screams, "IT'S WINTER!" like a 28 degree toilet seat!  :)

We totally rearranged the living room!  Alright, we moved the couch from one side of the bus to the other but it felt like such a big deal.  I decided to switch it up at Christmas time to make room for a tiny little Christmas tree.

This was our Charlie Brown Christmas tree!  

Once we moved the couch, we were able to get a chair and a little table in here!  Holy cow, right?  The chair was JB's Goodwill find and I reupholstered and spray painted it to give a it a new life!  And we took out that awesome rug.  I could NEVER keep that thing clean and things were beginning to grow on it..

This is where we stash our shoes.  I didn't realize how many pairs of shoes a family could have!  And they take up so much stinkin' space.   Have you seen that movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?  That scientist kid invents spray on shoes.  It comes in a can - you just spray it on your feet and viola!  Instant shoes!  I thought it was a fabulous idea and it would save us so much space.  I'm going to google it and see if it really exists.

We took out the trap door cover thingy and now have a place to sit.  That black circle behind the cushion is Phin's cat door.  The piece of wood that you see on the door folds down and locks the door from the inside.  Another one of Jim Bob's brilliant designs!

We didn't change much in the kitchen. The kids have a calendar on the end of the cabinet and that is about it! 

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  1. You have given me so much inspiration:) I hope to see more.